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Music and Lyrics by Andrew C. Marsh.  Contact Andrew here.


Produced by Jerroll Lehman


The Players

Kelly Back                       acoustic and electric guitars

Glen Duncan                   banjo, fiddle, pedal steel

John Hammond                drums

Duncan Mullins                bass guitar

Gary Prim                       piano, keyboards

Jerroll Lehman                  strings, brass, woodwinds, organ, backing vocals


The Singers

Ricky Braddy                   Sunday Afternoon, Honor Her, Jasmyn, A Little Lovin’

Shelley Rusk                    Dream of Dreams, Old-Fashioned Man

David Wise                    Christmas Magic, Dream of Dreams, Grand Hotel Waltz, What Would You Do

Music Videos by Jared Powell 

Recorded by Darrell Powell and Jerroll Lehman

Mixed by Darrell Powell


Recorded and Mixed at Studio D, Summitville, Indiana

Recorded March 31, 2017 and July 28, 2017

Mixing completed November 13, 2019

Additional Recording at Beech Creek Studios, Nashville, TN

November 30, 2017


Production Accounting by Bookkeeping Plus, Inc 

Executive Producers

Beth A. Marsh

Andrew C. Marsh

All Songs, Recordings, and Music Videos © ℗ 2019 by Andrew C. Marsh. All rights reserved.

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